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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eric Wagner on his new book

Eric Wagner, responding to my inquiry, wrote to brief me on Straight Outta Dublin, his book on James Joyce's influence on Robert Anton Wilson, which he hopes to complete in 2013.

"The appendix in my first book on the influence of Joyce on Masks of the Illuminati grew into my master's thesis, The Influence of Finnegans Wake on Robert Anton Wilson's Masks of the Illuminati.  A slightly modified version of my thesis makes up the first section of my new book.  I decided next to write an antithesis, following the five phase model of history put forth in Illuminatus!  I've nearly finished the antithesis and I've written a chunk of the synthesis.  I've put Joyce on hold for a while because I want to finish reading Proust.  I do have a weekly Finnegans Wake Club at the high school where I teach.

"I hope to finish Proust by June.  In August I hope to begin teaching a class at the Maybe Logic Academy on Wilson's Schroedinger's Cat.  I think that will help to return my focus to Wilson and to Joyce.  At least I hope so."

Obviously, as more information becomes available on the Maybe Logic course, I will report it here.

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