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Sunday, April 22, 2012

RAW and reality tunnels

A blog that I was previously not familiar with, Mea Tulpa, recent ran a post on Robert Anton Wilson and reality tunnels (although it doesn't use the term.)


The example which RAW gives is that, in the midst of various arguments with Catholics in his daily life, he decided to choose to believe like a Catholic for a week. That is, he took all the precedents and precepts of the faith (well known to him from his childhood) and as much as possible let himself trust in them. He talks about how great the comfort this offered him in some areas was, and how great the sense of resentment he felt against those who disagreed with him.

The idea that leapt out at me from this was not how to better sympathise with and understand Catholics, but rather that it is possible to choose the beliefs which we carry with us in our daily life and that, in doing so, we can change how we feel about and react to the world.

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Adam said...

Thanks for the linkage.
I specifically didn't go back and research that passage, hence my not using the term reality tunnels. This was partially because I wanted to present as purely as possible the things which have stuck with me about RAW and, admittedly, perhaps partially laziness.
At some point in the future I'd like to write another, more well researched post, about all the different reasons why RAW was brilliant (though that might end up being rather a long entry).