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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Memoir by RAW collaborator

Jesse Walker spots a new memoir by L. Wayne Benner, Seven Shadows. The blurb on Amazon says, "This is the original draft of the memoirs of the person the media called, the Tuxedo Bandit. In the early 1960s the Los Angeles police accused this man of committing more than 100 robberies. In 1964, shortly after his 21st birthday he was arrested and sentenced to life for the kidnaping of a Hollywood actor. This story takes the reader from the childhood of this man through his criminal activities and into prison. There he attempts several escapes, taking guards hostage and eventually escaping from Folsom prison. This story covers the 8+ years he spent in the “Hole”. From the deepest, blackest place in the world you will see his view of life. While in Folsom prison he co-authored Terra ll with Dr. Timothy Leary, and The RICH economy with Robert Anton Wilson. Through his eyes you witness the riots, gang wars, and political interventions that took place in the prisons of the 1960s and 70s. You will witness his struggle for his life, his mind, and his soul. In the end you will walk with him through the gates, as a free but hollow man. These are his words, completely untouched, grammatically imperfect, unedited for readability, uncensored for content social sensitivity."

Benner is mentioned in "The RICH Economy," an article reprinted in RAW's The Illuminati Papers. 

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