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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

'Reality Tunnels' book coming soon?

Dr. Richard Waterloo has been working on a book about reality tunnels, and on  his Twitter account he's been posting promotions and teases for it. Above is a cover prototype, and in a recent Tweet, he gave a glimpse of the book from a salesman's reality tunnel, e.g., "Written by a renowned philosopher and packed with engaging stories, mind-bending thought experiments and practical exercises ..."

I follow Dr. Richard Waterloo on Twitter, so I'll pass on any publication announcements. 

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Doctor Richard Waterloo said...

Hey, RAW-heads. I'm a daily lurker here and appreciate the attention directed toward the project. I'll fill you in with where I am in the process of the book's creation:

My research for the book has been completed for a while and I began handwriting a first draft in late November of last year. Right now I am nearing the end of the draft, working through the last chapter. It's very exciting and I'm looking forward to typing it all and going through the first edit for a first draft I can present to others for feedback. My goal is to have it complete and ready for public eyeballs by end of year. We'll see if that happens, but that's the goal. This has been a side-project of mine for a few years and it moves at the pace of my busy life, which is a luxury and, I think, a benefit for the reader.

I am planning on self-publishing and launching a meme campaign to promote the ideas of the book and ones associated with it. That will probably happen in the winter, as I'm busier in the summer.

I'm treating this project as an experiment with reality. I noticed the strange and profound effect Prometheus Rising had on me years back, along with the many other books that effect all of our perceptions and worldviews. So, as an act of metaprogramming, I'm attempting to bring Bob and Leary's idea into the 21st Century, or at least expand ton the idea for the handful of interested weirdos who are into niche philosophy.

If any of you are interested in following along with the project's progress, I have a Discord server that I use as a semi-public workshop. There's not too much going on, but there's plenty to browse.

Take care. Appreciate you all keeping RAW alive in the memespace.

Doctor Richard Waterloo

(The Reality Tunnels website is still down.)