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Friday, May 19, 2023

RAW Semantics begins 'book club' discussion on 'No Self, No Problem'

The Kindle version is just 99 cents.

The RAW Semantics blog has posted a discussion of the The No Self, No Problem Workbook by Chris Niebauer, and everyone is invited to weigh in with a comment, or even to email Brian a contribution to be posted. Brian says there is "no hurry" to jump in, and I myself won't be able to take part for a few days, as I am busy gearing up for "Robert Shea Week" on this blog, which begins Sunday.

Brian explains:

"Niebauer’s book wouldn’t be my first choice on 'no self', but the low price and RAW-friendly themes (it has an accessible pop-psychology style, right/left brain model, head 'exercises', deconstructions of abstractions, etc) make it quite attractive as a starting point for discussion. We can include both books in the series – Niebauer’s No Self, No Problem (2019) and his follow-up, No Self, No Problem Workbook (2023). The first book mentions Korzybski, talks of 'belief systems', of confusing map with territory, etc, and points to the 'left brain' as main culprit in creating an illusory notion of self by turning its dopamine-addled pattern-recognition machine 'inwards', like an A.I. gone rogue."

Brian does have some reservations about mixing Buddhism with pop psychology and he also goes into discussion of "no self," but it's best to read his post for yourself. 

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