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Sunday, May 7, 2023

My blog on a Subreddit and other social media points

In a comment for a recent post on D.W. Griffith's movie Intolerance, Bobby Campbell wrote, "Also, anyway! I actually popped in here to say that I've set it up so that posts will be auto posted over on the maybelogic subreddit:

"With twitter circling the drain I figure it might be smart to diversify."

I checked the site out, and mostly it has entries from this blog, but there is other material, including a recent post on how the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once relates to the eight circuit model. 

I can certainly relate to Bobby's comments. I woke up yesterday and turned on my computer and discovered that when I go to Twitter on my browser, I am no longer allowed to see my lists. No explanation, no way to figure out why some people have access to their lists and I don't, just a random change without explanation that makes Twitter harder for me to use, like the recent ban on Substack links that may or may not be in effect. I still admire what Elon Musk has done with space travel, but I wish he had never bought Twitter. I can still access my lists on the app on my phone, and my Linux laptop apparently can access my links via an app called MasterDeck, although MasterDeck says this is likely only until Twitter finishes destroying its relationships with third patty app developers. 

There was hope that Mastodon would serve as an alternative to Twitter. I duly created an account (@jacksontom at the server) and I'm still trying to log in sometimes and support the effort, but it seems safe to say that Mastodon has failed, at least so far, as a Twitter alternative. It hasn't built up a very large base of people, and many of the more interesting accounts I follow have kind of given up and don't post very often. I don't even see posts and articles about Mastodon anymore.  I sometimes look at the RAW pages on Facebook, but I'm not a huge Facebook fan. 

So I'm still stuck with Twitter as a way to find news for this blog. Does anyone have any suggestions? Like, is there any easy way to get my lists back that I have missed? 


Bobby Campbell said...

It looks like lists will still show up in tweetdeck. For my purposes, tweetdeck is the only thing keeping twitter useful. No ads, chronological timeline, multiple accounts, custom column feeds, etc etc. It's actually kind of weird it hasn't been wrecked yet, or at the very least turned into a subscription service. I've probably just jinxed it though!

I've tried a few experiments to rebottle the lightning from the old MLA days, but as was noted even back then, it's like trying to herd cats :)))

I figure aggregating some RAW Illumination into the Maybe Logic subreddit at least gives it a little bit of life!

Rob Pugh said...

Your lists still showing up for me... laptop... chromebook.

& substack links show/work for me now, after that brief previous hiccup.