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Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Rasa offers a 'Lion of Light' update

Rasa has put up a post in various groups on Facebook to provide an update on Lion of Light, the upcoming Robert Anton Wilson book on Aleister Crowley that's based on a lost RAW manuscript that Martin Wagner discovered in the Harvard library. 

The post includes a RAW quote most of us have not had the opportunity to read before:

Those who want to invoke the word “coincidence” to cover the rags of their ignorance are welcome to do so. Some of us have a new word lately, synchronicity, coined by no less than psychologist Carl Jung and physicist Wolfgang Pauli – and I’ve read their books and must admit I came out as confused as I went in; as far as this brain can comprehend, coincidence is meaning-less correspondence, and synchronicity is meaning-ful correspondence, and if that makes you feel superior to the custard-headed clods who still say coincidence, you’re welcome to it.

– Robert Anton Wilson, Lion of Light

Rasa also discusses possible cover images for the book, including the one, above, that was submitted by Chris Mazur; to Rasa's surprise, the Mazur cartoon image was quite popular when he showed possible covers to RAW fans and asked for feedback. (I'm not at liberty to share some of the other proposed images, but put it this way, they were more like what you would expect.) 

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