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Monday, May 29, 2023

'A Show for Claudia' announced

Claudia Boulton as Eris from Cosmic Trigger Play, photo by Simon Annand

A show to honor the late Claudia Boulton (19/04/1946 - 26/10/2021), celebrating her life and creativity, has been announced for 7 p.m. June 24 and June 25 at the Cockpit in London.

"If you were lucky enough to encounter this wild, wise and eccentric being during her life, then you know you have to be there or be square!

"In a theatrical experiment that Claudia would have adored, a group of her friends and fellow theatre-makers will live and work together for the week prior to the show, then come straight to The Cockpit to bring you - whatever the hell they cook up! All we know is it will fizz with all the theatrical panache and danger that Claudia was known - and loved - for.

"Likely to be in the mix: live performance, audio footage of her talking about her life, table-top puppetry and extracts from her autobiographical play The Woof, celebrating the wit and wisdom of our dearly missed co-conspirator."

More details here, including information on tickets. 

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