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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday links

Letters between Robert Shea and Gregory Hill, at Historia Discordia (some talk about Illuminatus!)

Arthur Hlavaty on the Justin Raimondo piece I wrote about Saturday.

Original Bobby Campbell art, for sale cheap.

Michael Johnson on advertising on his advertising-free blog.

One of my favorite bloggers, Tyler Cowen, was attacked in class last week. Apparently it wasn't political, just some nut.

New illustrated Finnegans Wake.

Tom Tomorrow on the NSA.


Bobby Campbell said...

I think the new Michael Johnson piece is especially good. It made me think of the Discordian guerrilla ontology adverts for Illuminatus!, which pops up without fail in the Historia Discordia post.

And thanks much for including my little shop in the mix!

michael said...

I noted I had hits in the three-digits today, and suspected something was up. I checked Tom's RAWIllumination and sure enough...

Thanks for the nod, Tom.