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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adam Gorightly news roundup

Adam Gorightly with Robert Anton Wilson.

Adam Gorightly has announced (via Twitter) that his new  history of the Discordian movement, Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society, will be released on May 23.

If you have been following Adam's posts on Discordianism in Illuminatus! (archived here for your convenience) or if you've been monitoring his excellent Historia Discordia website, you know how important Discordianism was in the works of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. Adam's latest post shows how many Discordian authors had gotten books into print by 1977.

Adam also has three other book projects in the works; see the bottom of this page for information.

I've been reading Adam's Kerry Thornley biography, a remarkable chronicle of weirdness that includes an introduction by Robert Anton Wilson.

All in all, Adam has been working very hard. If he relaxes by going to David Crosby concerts, the rest of us will have to try to understand.

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