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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday links

Excellent blog posting on William Burroughs. (Thanks, Roman Tsivkin.)

William Burroughs centenary site. (Would have been 100 on Wednesday.)

Five myths about William Burroughs. 

Antero Alli is teaching an online course on "The Eight Circuit Brain." 

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Unknown said...

I am extremely ambivalent about Burroughs. A genius of course, but you can't get away from the misogyny. Whatever else The Wild Boys is, it's Kill All the Girls/Kill All the Boys With Girl Cooties on a scale far beyond the Halloween movies. Maybe he's like Marx & Freud: Useful Tools/Disinfect Before Using. But I love Rudy Rucker's slash masterpiece Turing and Burroughs, and maybe he's right about language being a virus from outer space. If so, I for one welcome our new viral overlords.