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Friday, February 7, 2014

Portland, Maine, the land of 1,000 fnords

From Portland, Maine, comes the story of Mr. Eric White, 22, who launched an effort that has resulted in about 1,000 instances of the word "fnord" being written on various surfaces in Portland.

Mr. White's efforts have been taken up by others, according to this story: "There’s a bunch of people that do it. There has been a bunch of people, but it’s down to about five different people actively writing it now. There’s people in Bangor doing it. It’s in Canada, it’s in Mexico, it’s from California to Maine. Every stop on the Greyhound from California to Maine has it."

Mr. White says he tries to concentrate on putting the word on government property, unless he happens to be particularly drunk (not an uncommon state, the article hints). He reveals that he took up his cause as an alternative to going to Boston, a plan he hatched because "there was nothing to watch on TV."  Kind of makes you feel proud of Discordianism, huh?

Mr. White apparently has time to pursue his hobby:

Have you been working here in town?
I’m on disability right now, for lack of a want to work.

So what’s your disability?
Ergo phobia, fear of work. A bunch of mental stuff, basically. 

Thanks to John Thomas for calling the article to my attention.

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