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Friday, February 14, 2014

'Day We Fought Back' by the numbers

On Tuesday, this website ran a banner to promote "The Day We Fought Back," an online protest by a civil liberties coalition against NSA mass surveillance. Other sites in the "RAW tribe" also took part; Only Maybe also joined in, Supergee posted a notice, Steve Pratt promoted it on Twitter. Michael Johnson wrote a well-researched blog post. I'm sure I've missed lots of people.

The numbers are in on the online version of the protest (rallies also were held in some cities). 37 million people saw the banner displayed on sites such as this one, 555,000 emails were sent, 89,000 phone calls were completed, 301,000 people signed a petition, there were 420,000 shares on Facebook, more than 84,000 Tweets were sent and more than a million folks visited the home page.

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