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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fighting back against the NSA

Today is the day in which this website, among many others, joins the effort by a coalition of civil liberties groups to try to rein in the NSA's spying and abuses. The idea is that if you join the effort, you are supposed to display a banner at your site. Clicking on the banner makes it easy for an American to send an email and make a phone call to his/her local lawmakers in Washington, D.C. I'm not quite sure what you get if you're out of the U.S. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to my site this morning to do this blog post and discovered that I had succeeded in getting the banner posted. I'm not exactly a software whiz.

I had tried to avoid being too "political" on this site -- I want everyone to feel welcome -- but I hope that no one expects a website devoted to Robert Anton Wilson (and Robert Shea)  to be neutral on whether civil liberties are a good idea or not. More information on the campaign here.  To keep up with these issues, keep an eye on Boing Boing  and follow Julian Sanchez on Twitter.


michael said...

If ever there was an issue in which the temperamentally "non-wonky" type maybe ought to try to violate that, it's this issue, as I see it.

I didn't even get a blog post in for this issue because I became too immersed in reading articles on Snowden, Greenwald, NSA and government surveillance in US history, the late 18th century and what gave rise to ideas that led to the 4th Amendment, philosophical-legal ideas about privacy, etc.

Aye to Julian Sanchez and BoingBoing (esp to the stellar Cory Doctorow). I'd add: check out Ryan Gallagher's reporting at Slate:

And Bruce Schneier's work:

And - gosh I'm leaving so many people out - check out the EFF site regularly. (I'm guessing most RAWIllumination readers already do this/follow these activists, but in case there's anyone who wants to KNOW more...):

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