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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Adam Gorightly remembers the Cosmic Meme-Orial

I meant to post about something else today, but Adam Gorightly keeps posting great stuff on his Historia Discordia website. Don't miss his heartfelt and charming article about attending the Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-Orial, held Feb. 18, 2007 in Santa Cruz. Nice photographs with the article, too.

I just finished Michael Azerrad's Nirvana book, so I could not help contrasting the difference between Kurt Cobain, sourly leaving the world early as a dis to the fans and taking his gifts with him, with the death of Robert Anton Wilson, who left us reluctantly but did his best to comfort his fans.

Here is a sentence in Gorightly's piece, about Greg Bishop, that caught my attention: "Greg recalled how his life was literally saved when—during a period of deep depression—he fortunately discovered RAW’s writings about the loser and winner scripts, and immediately took them to head and heart, turning his world around."

Compare with this piece by meditation teacher and writer Caroline Contillo on how reading Quantum Psychology helped cure her depression.

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