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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today's Timothy Leary roundup

Very good "Wired" magazine article on Timothy Leary and his research. 

Thomas Lannon, assistant curator at the New York Public Library (quoted in the above article) tells me on Twitter, "There's a lot of R.A. Wilson in the Leary archives."

Wired piece on Leary's video games. 

New York Times piece on same subject. 

Timothy Leary sound recording, about six minutes, "Think for Yourself." (On Ubuweb.)

Twitter account I follow. (Source of much of the above.)

As I'm working on this blog post, I get an email from Eric Wagner: "I enjoyed the new Pynchon.  I suspect he may not write another book.  He turned 76 this year.  He mentioned Tim Leary on the second to last page of the book.  I think Tim would have liked that.  He sure loved Gravity's Rainbow."

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Oz Fritz said...

The opening of those archives is really great news! Thanks for posting this.