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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Burning money at the Fortean Society event

Last week's London Fortean Society John Higgs/Daisy Eris Campbell event also featured a guy named Jonathan Harris who burned a 20-pound note (about $32 in U.S. money.) (More after the video)

Mr. Harris has a blog post up in which he attempts to explain why he carried out the ritual. He also remarks that the Oct. 23 event was his first night out since he and his wife separated in May; they had been together for 28 years.

Elsewhere, Mr. Harris explains that he has ritually burned cash every Oct. 23 for several years. He studied at the London School of Economics and writes quite a bit about money.

His background is interesting. He was a tour manager for various British music acts, although apparently he has a less romantic job now. He also has experience burning through money the Internet way -- he ran an Internet sex site that featured his wife.  The site went bankrupt.

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