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Friday, October 18, 2013

Time for some links

The battle over Rupert Sheldrake's Wikipedia biography. Hat tip, Eric Wagner.

Nirvana nominated to Rock Hall of Fame. As Eric Wagner points out, the band's previous honors include being listed in Illuminatus! as one of the bands in Ingolstadt. (Page 568 of the omnibus edition.)

Democratic effort to prosecute Republicans under the Sedition Act of 1798. Hat tip, Kevin Carson.

A brief protest against our Illuminati overlords?

Criticism of the Illuminati.

John Higgs on his KLF bot.


gacord said...

I was just left wondering what was slipped into that stenographer's morning coffee. And was it just the once or has it been going on for sometime now. MAybe just the past 23 days...

Anonymous said...

Sedition laws didn't work in 1800, and haven't gotten better. It would be more amusing to charge them with Criminal Syndicalism, that traditional accusation for enemies of the State.

Illiaminated said...
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