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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Checking in with Michael and Oz

The usual suspects have once again been putting up interesting blog posts. Michael Johnson has a piece on Euclidean Quotidian: 90 Degree Angles and the Semantic Unconscious, with a section on Robert Anton Wilson and how Euclidian space relates to the first three circuits of the Eight Circuit Model.

Oz Fritz's latest post is on Wilson, Pynchon and Crowley. He's also been writing a lot lately about the Holy Guardian Angel, a topic that RAW highlighted in the Schroedinger's Cat trilogy. Timothy Leary Futique Tweeted Oz's blog post and a couple of us reTweeted it, a good example of how Twitter is used to get the word out. (Update). (Michael, despite his well-known Twitter aversion, also gets Tweeted sometimes.)


gacord said...

Totally overlooked that Oz tweet... problem solved, dug it up and retweeted as well. I'm really enjoying this series from him. Need to catch up on Michael's, he's cranking out so much lately that I just need more hours in the day to handle it all! Great stuff everyone. Thanks.

michael said...

Thanks for the notice, Tom.

And this is the first I've heard about me being tweeted.

I've been reading all of Oz's stuff and I find it fascinating because he seems to have so thoroughly immersed himself in his own negotiations with magick, ritual, Crowley, how all of this relates to music and kabbalah and synchronicities, etc.

I usually read Oz Fritz and think, "If I could just hang out with this guy I bet I'd cop some energy that would give me a better clue..."

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...



I reTweeted

gacord said...

I think we're all catching a little groovy "Oz vibe" just by reading his blog and a little back and forth on here.

michael said...

Tom- Wow! I had no idea. What a kind thing Roman Tsivkin writes.

gacord - Yep. For me, Oz seems to be operating on some whole other level that I have merely glimpsed. Often I'll read him and think, "Maybe I'll scrap all other projects for the next six months and do nothing bur study Crowley."

And it would be difficult. But I could do that. The real problem for me is: contemplating what I'd be doing to myself? Color me diffident.

I was always sympathetic to the cowan-pink Babcock in Masks of the Illuminati...

gacord said...

Well for one thing, you might start polishing doorknobs and catching mor etypos in all our entries on here. Speaking from my minimal past experience as well as a fair amount of observed behavior in others, if you start studying old Uncle Al (and follow his exercises), your nervous system will filter less, consequently, you will be aware of more of your surroundings (including previously undetected dirt on doorknobs.) Of course, like I said, my experience is minimal and many years gone past (I'm thinking about restarting myself.) Oz could probably speak more to the point, offer pointers, etc. My only caveat, you'd probably already get, and that's just don't take anything the old man said too seriously nor too literally. That said, I say go for it!