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Thursday, October 24, 2013

John Higgs and Daisy Campbell show in London

The John Higgs/Daisy Campbell show has taken place. So far, all I have to report are Tweets, but apparently videos will become available at some point.

Toby Philpott (aka Jabba the Hutt -- no, really) reports on Twitter: "@johnhiggs gave a lucid exposition of the beloved RAW, to a mixed crowd of Forteans and Bob fans - good to put a face to a Tweet contact. Daisy Eris Campbell gave a terrific presentation about plans to stage Cosmic Trigger - and her actors gave us a glimpse of the project."

Higgs reports, "For those who couldn't get tickets the whole thing was filmed and will be online at some point."

Of course,  if you want to learn some of what Higgs has to say about Robert Anton Wilson, you can hunt up the KLF book.

1 comment:

fuzzbuddy said...

I had a brilliant evening. John Higgs and Daisy Campbell were really friendly and enthusiastic.
Thanks for the heads up, Tom!
I think that when you see the video clip of the scene they acted out, it will be more fun, not knowing before hand which characters pop up.
There was an e-mail list at the end for contributions towards the play, so maybe that something you could help promote, Tom?