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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update on the site

I have posted issue no. 9 of Robert Shea's anarchist fanzine, "No Governor," in the Feature Articles and Interviews section of this site. I suspect that any ILLUMINATUS! fan would enjoy going through the issues; you'll see some familiar names. RAW was one of the contributors, and you'll also see bylines such as Neal Wilgus and Arthur Hlavaty. I'll continue posting issues as they become available. I've also put up links to my recent interview with Steve Pratt -- worth checking out if  you missed it -- and posted a link to the letter about the Illuminati published in "Playboy" magazine while RAW worked there.

You have have noticed that I have revamped some of my other links, putting up a new "Sangha" section to highlight new postings on some of my favorite blogs.

If anyone has suggestions for improvements or additions to this site, I will do my best to listen.

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