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Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Illuminatus! bibliography items from Andrew Crawshaw

Andrew Crawshaw, who has been posting a series of entries on his blog that provide a bibliography for Illuminatus!, has posted a new entry, for for Malkuth (i.e, the Tenth Trip, in Leviathan.) His previous Illuminatus! entries, including previous bibliography posts, are here. I've added a link under "Resources."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bump; the bibliographies for the appendices will be appear soon enough, these will be a little easier. there are many interesting works in there.

I regularly update the links in each bibliography, I dunno if I should add a post each time I add some footnotes, informing that they have changed.

Anonymous said...

Belatedly finding out about this and Andrew's blog seems to have gone. If anyone knows where I can see his Illuminatus bibliographies or has a copy of them saved, please let me know as I'm in a research period where this would be very helpful. internotionale of gmail dotcom