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Sunday, October 21, 2012 members mull a move

The folks who participate at the Usenet group have been discussing whether their platform is cool because it's old school or a crummy old platform that makes them less visible to the Internet at large. The discussion was kicked off by Brian Shields, who wrote, "I love interacting with you guys but I just never go to Usenet anymore (most of my friends under the age of 25 have never HEARD of Usenet).

"So can we reform this as a Facebook group or some other platform that people actually use and thus we might reach a new audience instead of just talking to ourselves?

"Or am I being unrealistic?"

The gist of the discussion that follows is whether the group should increase its visibility by migrating to Facebook. The downside of this is that everyone would have to hang out on Facebook.

In related news, Dan Clore has created a new Facebook group for Wilson fans. I've joined, although to tell you the truth, I don't like Facebook very much. The upside is that is where the people are, although the Usenet group would never been completely invisible as long as sites such as this one and Maybe Logic Academy link to it. I guess nobody wants to hang out at Google Plus? I should add that there are lots of postings already at the Facebook group, which I guess validates Mr. Shields' original point. High drama -- will Eric Wagner and Michael Johnson join Facebook?

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