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Friday, October 19, 2012

No Governor No. 10 posted

I have posted issue no. 10 of "No Governor," Robert Shea's "Zine of Illuminated Anarchism," in the "Feature Articles and Interviews" links on the right side of the page. Issue No. 10 has no Robert Anton Wilson material this time, but there are discussions about RAW and about topics explored in Illuminatus! That said, I would add that my interest in Shea has grown since I began this blog and that Shea, and not just Wilson, is worth paying attention to. Issues of "No Governor" are posted with the permission of Robert Shea's son, Mike Shea, who maintains the official Robert Shea web site. Again, I would like to thank the kind folks at the University of Michigan library for making these materials available.

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Bruce Kodish said...

I really appreciate the link to the Robert Shea site. Thanks.