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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interesting theory of consciousness

[Robert Anton Wilson snippet reprinted from RAW Data, the blog of the official RAW site, July 23, 2010 -- The Mgt.]

Maybe consciousness resides in the nonlocal domain of quantum mechanics, "beyond," "beneath" or "behind" the space-time continuum? Local [ego] conciousness then represents the aspects of the nonlocal filtered thru the local tribal reality-grid as imprinted in neuro-circuits. Looking for conscioussness in the brain then resembles looking for Jay Leno in the TV circuits...

See refs in my books to Bohm, Walker, Herbert and other physicists who have proposed variations on this model. See also Shelldrake's morphogenetic field theory in biology.

This model explains ESP, premonitions, shamanism, psychedelic trips, mystic oneness etc which fundamentalist materialism cannot explain & therefore denies. Said denials seem unconvincing to those who've had said experiences.


amor et hilaritas,


(above quote from an email to Bob's private email group, The GroupMind)

The above is a useful background for the first episode of Bobby Campbell's AGNOSIS comic, posted here.


Bobby Campbell said...

I very much enjoy how the bias of internet technology towards externalizing & supplementing interior processes seems to be making the basic premise of this a fact of daily life.

We're starting to store our data "in the cloud."

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Isn't it an exciting time to be alive? Who knows what will be available on the Internet in a few more years.

Bobby Campbell said...

Indeed so! The free fall into future surprises and amazes me everyday.