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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Assorted Links

Bobby Campbell is maintaining a page where he posts links to all of the episodes of Agnosis posted so far. (Also posted, for your convenience, under "Resources."

A book on Ezra Pound's economics theories. (Hat tip, John Merritt.)

Timothy Leary's prison correspondence with Carl Sagan. 

Video of Leary interviewed at Folsom Prison.  (Thanks again to Mr. Merritt.)

Jack Sarfatti's VALIS experience. (He's mentioned in Cosmic Trigger I, and probably also other RAW books.) Via Ted Hand, on Twitter,


Oz Fritz said...

Interestingly, Sagan's 2 letters to Leary are dated Feb. and March, 1974 the same time period that Phil Dick had his mystical experiences that gave rise to his Exegesis and to VALIS.

michael said...

In Sagan's essay "White Dwarfs and Little Green Men," collected in Broca's Brain, Sagan plays the Skeptical Enquirer-type "debunker" regarding Sirius, Rbt. K.G. Temple, etc.

The politics of this stuff fascinates me.

Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks so much, as always, for the link up!

Love the Leary stuff!

I think there's still far too much residual vitriol, but I look forward to a future where Timothy Leary can be presented as one of history's most exciting and profound characters.