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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fly Agaric 23's latest RAW projects

Our Amsterdam correspondent, Steve "Fly" Pratt, (aka DJ Fly Agaric 23), busy as usual, emails his latest news, about a series of radio programs on RAW that he's launched (the first one is up and available to anyone on the Internet) and his new RAW360 site. Here's Fly:

I made 5 new RAW inspired radio shows, to be broadcast/uploaded every Wednesday at radio free Amsterdam:


The first went up last week, the second tomorrow.

RAW360, the site is still on the edge of launch, and looking spectacular. I have said that before. I keep my fingers crossed that we will launch public within two weeks.

The shows are a joint project of Mr. Pratt and counterculture legend John Sinclair, the guy John Lennon once wrote a song about. I'll also note the Mr. Sinclair was the manager of the band MC5, mentioned in Illuminatus! Steve's show is part of Mr. Sinclair's Radio Amsterdam project. When RAW360 launches, I'll blog and put up a permanent link.


Bobby Campbell said...

This first RAW radio broadcast is sensational!

Unknown said...

stop quoting my poems on your stupid "surreal" twitter