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Thursday, July 4, 2024

RAW movie club: All That Jazz


Image by Bobby Campbell 

Continuing the project of watching films from Robert Anton Wilson's list of his 100 favorite movies, I have chosen All That Jazz from 1979. for the next film. I wanted something more modern after the two previous old back and white films. And the movie is free on Tubi. I am attempting to pick movies that everyone can watch for free. I'll watch it in the next couple of weeks and do a post.

Previously featured as "RAW movie club" films: The Maltese Falcon and Intolerance. 


Eric Wagner said...

I love that film.

Spookah said...

That s one I have not seen yet, so I m gonna hop on this monthly RAW movie club bandwagon with you.

Jesse said...

Describing a 1979 film as "more modern" is...exactly the sort of thing I'm prone to doing, so I won't criticize.