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Sunday, July 7, 2024

Substack would have been great for RAW

On Twitter, one of my favorite accounts, Joshua Ryman, posts this bit: "I think Bob would have loved X/Twitter," as an intro to the graphic, above. 

Yes, Robert Anton Wilson would have been good on Twitter, he had many pithy thoughts; in a recent post, Jim O'Shaughnessy shares this RAW quote, ""The sad man lives in a sad world; the happy man lives in a happy world; the angry man lives in an angry world—at the end of the valley of decision, there's always a choice." 

But given his money woes, what I really wish is that Substack, or something like it, had come along earlier. Many writers are able to make a living sharing their thoughts on the platform, and I think RAW would have had a good following and would not have had to worry as much about making a living. 

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