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Friday, July 5, 2024

'Tales of Illuminatus' update: Todd Purse, Steve Fly

Bobby Campbell has already issued another Tales of Illuminatus newsletter (sign up for your own copies), and in the new issue he highlights contributions to the project from two of his collaborators, Todd Purse and Steve "Fly" Pratt.

Purse, an artist, has been sending Bobby artwork. "Much like how the magic of the original Illuminatus! Trilogy was found in the collaboration between Bob Wilson & Bob Shea, I'm hoping mine & Todd’s team work will indeed make the dream work :)))" Bobby writes.

Steve Fly will release a new LP, The First Trip, on Maybe Day., i.e. July 23, as Bobby releases a new installment of Tales. He has released a flurry of new albums recently at his Bandcamp site.  See his newsletter for music updates. 

More on Tales of Illuminatus. 

1 comment:

Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks as always and forever for the coverage, Tom!

Pardon the glut of TALES news this week, just getting my ducks in a row, will mostly be sticking to the Thursday schedule moving fwd :)))