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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

RAW fans should take a look at the latest Oz Fritz blog post

Oz Fritz' latest blog post, "Joyce, RAW, Crowley and the Book of the Dead," explores the work of Robert Anton Wilson from several angles, including the influence of James Joyce on Wilson. It also looks at  the new Hilaritas version of Reality Is What You Can Get Away With, examining it as a journey through the Bardo, discusses contemporary books of the dead (such as Finnegans Wake) and asserts, "Bardo episodes appear in all of RAW's fiction in various forms: dreams, drug experiences, magick, meditation visions, etc." There's a lot here, and I thought it was one of Oz' best pieces.

And speaking of death and the Bardo, there is also this anecdote:

"Incredulity trigger warning for the forthcoming anecdote that relates to the experience of being dead and not knowing it. A shaman I once worked with whom I found credible, told me that after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/2001, he felt a calling to travel there in his body of light to tell the the spirits of the recently deceased what had happened. He claimed that they didn't know they were dead. They had no idea of what happened. He was providing a public service by telling them."

I don't know whether I "believe" that story, but it's a great anecdote!

I apologize to Oz for not noticing his blog post earlier; it has a similar title to his previous piece, and I didn't realize it was new. But judging from the comments he's drawn, other people also agree it was an especially good blog post. 

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Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you very much Tom for posting this and for the feedback. No apology is necessary, I think it was easily overlooked because of the title similarity with the previous one. I'm very grateful for the recognition.