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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

New 'Tales of Illuminatus' newsletter launches

Tales of Illuminatus is the new graphic novel adaptation of the Illuminatus! trilogy that is being published in sections on the Internet and which later will be issued in paper form. You can read an introductory bit, with more to be published on July 23 later this month, Maybe Day. And you can read my interview with Bobby Campbell about his project. 

Bobby has now launched a new Tales of Illuminatus newsletter on Substack. Please go here to sign up for future issues so you'll be caught up with the project. 

The first issue has some nuggets of new information about the project. The credits have been updated: "Created by Bobby Campbell w/ Nick Helweg-Larsen & Todd Purse, along with musical accompaniment by Steve Fly & Dan Robinson, and a rapidly growing cast of luminous creative visionaries, TBA in due time!"

Also, the Kickstarter for the first issue, "The Hidden Light," will make pre-orders available beginning July 23; no link yet, but when it becomes available I will let you know. "The first issue will debut at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, USA on Sept 14 & 15, and at a release party in the Crown Room at The Queen in Wilmington, DE, USA on Sept 18. (Ticket info, Bands, etc, TBA!"

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