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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Rob Brezsny cites RAW

Rob Brezsny (Creative Commons photo by Paul Schraub)

A recent newsletter by celebrity astrologer Rob Brezsny, "Might Our Dilemmas Be Blessings?," cites RAW as inspiration for its message.

The RAW quote: "We should feel excited about the problems we confront and our ability to deal with them. Solving problems is one of the highest and most sensual of all our brain functions."

The Brezsny column argues, "Acquiring problems is a fundamental human need. It's as crucial to your well-being as getting food, air, water, sleep, and love. You define yourself—indeed, you make yourself—through the puzzling dilemmas you attract and solve."

Hat tip, Charles Faris.

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Hugh said...

Love this