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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where was Confrontation located?

From Nick Helweg-Larsen, a question: "In modern day America, where abouts in New York would the radical left magazine Confrontation (or most magazines for that matter) have its offices?
In the book Joe Malik lives on Riverside Drive. Where might George Dorn live?"

I didn't know, but I thought of someone who could give a good answer: Roman Tsivkin, who lives in New York City. He responded,

"Tough question, because there are a few candidates for such a location, but I'd say the Lower East Side, specifically the East Village. In the '60s & '70s it definitely had the right vibe for a Confrontation-type publication HQ (today, not so much because of gentrification:,_Manhattan).

"However, Joe Malik's place on Riverside Drive is on the West Side, which means he'd have had to cross Manhattan to get to the East Side. Not very convenient, so the other candidates are the Meatpacking District, a seedy place at the time (now "party central" with clubs & oodles of galleries), and the West Village.

"But the East Village or somewhere in the Lower East Side sounds about right overall, such as around the Bowery, NYC's Skid Row in the '70s (William S. Burroughs lived there in his 'Bunker')."


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