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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Historia Discordia released

Adam Gorightly's new history of Discordianism, Historia Discordia, has been released and is available at Amazon and the other usual outlets. (If you like to support the remaining bookstore chains, it's available for example at the Barnes and Noble and Books A Million sites.)

Mr. Gorightly has received an endorsement from Alan Moore:

Like communication-god Thoth with his yammering ape, like the all-important noise that Count Korzybski assures us must accompany our every signal, no harmony is possible without an acknowledgement and understanding of discord. Born from the bowling-alley epiphanies of Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley, its disruptive teachings disseminated through the incendiary writings of Robert Anton Wilson and other Eristic luminaries, the Discordian Society has unexpectedly become a landmark of gleefully aggressive sanity in a chaotic and incoherent world. Through this book, we can all involve ourselves in their gloriously constructive quarrel.

This is well put, but for me, the most convincing endorsement is the Historia Discordia website, which has showed off Adam's wealth of Discordian documents. I try not to prejudge a book before I have actually read it, but I'd be shocked if his book didn't have a lot of cool material. I have not seen Historia Discordia yet, but I recently purchased and read Gorightly's Kerry Thornley, and posted about it here.

Adam's book announcement is here.


fyreflye said...

Praise Bob! Book ordered. Can't wait to read that "Introduction" by RAW. Almost as spooky as the "endorsement" from Alan Moore.

michael said...

Slowly, a shelf of books that RAWphiles might consider as Para-RAW Books is assembling itself. Those of us who own and continually re-re-re-read RAW's books (and Krassner's, Shea's, the growing genre of conspiracy encyclopedias, the books that were major influences on RAW, such as Joyce, Pound, Korzybski, Nietzsche, Leary, etc, etc, etc) now want to consult, a brief list:

-Insider's Guide To Robert Anton Wilson, by Eric Wagner
-United States of Paranoia, by Jesse Walker
-KLF:Chaos Magic and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds, by John Higgs
-Pranksters: Making Mischief In the Modern World, by Kembrew McLeod
-Historia Discordia, by Adam Gorightly (I can't wait to get my mitts on this baby!)

There are 17-23 I've left out. A shadow history of the 1960s/early-mid 1970s is being mined by bright minds and is emerging from the shadows to illuminate styles of thinking in our accelerated world of 2014. Onward!