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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Various links

Hello Robert Anton Wilson Kitty. Yours for $123. (Via Roman Tsivkin).

At Salon, Laura Miller reviews Jesse Walker's The United States of Paranoia, out today. It's an interesting review, and Miller talks quite a bit about Robert Anton Wilson, e.g., "Although conspiracies do exist, we need to be vigilant against our propensity to find them whether they are there or not. The most sensible outlook would appear to be that of Robert Anton Wilson, who concluded that 'powerful people' could well be 'engaged in criminal plots' but who found it unlikely that 'the conspirators were capable of carrying out those plots competently'.” 

Some of what has been reported about Michael Hastings' death apparently is false.

But it's still pretty mysterious.

Tyler Cowen on the Nick Turse Vietnam book.

Why did the libertarian cross the road? (Via Kevin Carson.)

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