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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Latest John Higgs news

The new John Higgs novel, First Church on the Moon, will be released on Saturday. A paperback will be available, but the electronic version will be free on Amazon Kindle for one week. I got to read an advance copy and liked it a lot.

His Timothy Leary biography, I Have America Surrounded, is available again in the U.S. as a paperback. I read it a few months ago and can recommend it; it seemed carefully researched and seemed to strike the right balance between respect for Leary's ideas and unwillingness to uncritically accept anything Leary ever said. There's no news yet on an ebook version.

John also reports that interest in Robert Anton Wilson in England apparently remains strong: "The London RAW talk me and Daisy are doing in October has sold out already, which has given me a real buzz and shows a healthy level of affection for Ol' Bob bubbling away under the surface."

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gacord said...

I got to read an advanced copy of "First Church on the Moon", too, and I agree wholeheartedly. I laughed out loud a lot throughout the read.