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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Various links

French rocked by woman's shocking sex life. (She's having an affair with a married man now, so she's resumed a normal French lifestyle.)

Jesse Walker on five classic conspiracy theories. (Some were false but some were true.)

New book on Singapore's health care system. (Free for Kindle, at least for now.)

Roderick T. Long recommends a book by Herbert Spencer (important classical liberal philosopher.) Long, an "Aristotelean Wittgensteinian left-wing market anarchist and sf fan," has been defending Spencer from critics in a series of articles, for example here and here. (Get a copy of the book Long recommends, "Social Statics,"  here.  According to Wikipedia, Murray Rothbard called it "the greatest single work of libertarian political philosophy ever written."

John Higgs newsdump.

Philip K. Dick, music critic. Like RAW, he liked Beethoven.

Mike Mungowitz, libertarian college professor, publishes a long list of links every Monday.

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