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Monday, August 12, 2013

More links

Interview with John Higgs about First Church on the Moon. The ebook version remains free on Amazon another few days.

Lost early Orson Welles film found in Italy. 

Former NSA director doesn't expect operational changes.

New Lovecraft exhibit at Brown University Library.

Two encrypted email services shut down. Related: Fund raising campaign for Mailpile, which aims to provide free webmail along the lines of Hotmail or Gmail but which will be encrypted. (Hat tip, Gary Acord). If you donate $23, you are a "prime member."

Suggestions for listening to Beethoven's string quartets. (Hat tip, Roman Tsivkin.)


fuzzbuddy said...

NSA to fire 90% of system admins?

fyreflye said...

The mention of the holy name of filmaker and honorary subgenius Orson Welles gives me an opening to mention how much I enjoyed My Lunches With Orson, transcribed by Henry Jaglom and edited by Peter Biskind. Orson's brilliant, funny, racist, gossipy, backbiting table talk with film director Jaglom over many lunchtime conversations at Ma Maison in Hollywood during the early 1980's. An unmissable delight for Wellesians and other demented movie buffs.