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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ready for some good news?

As the U.S. apparently prepares to jump into yet another Mideast war, would you like some good news?

Bryan Caplan, a libertarian economist and blogger (and a pacifist), points out in his post, "Peace on Earth is Almost Here," that despite all of the bloodshed in North Africa and Asia, much of the rest of the world is peaceful. Caplan writes, "If you don't feel grateful, you should.  Yes, things could get worse.  At some point, they almost certainly will for a spell.  But the utopian dream of peace on earth now looks amazingly realistic.  Who knows?  We might abolish war before we get driverless cars!"

Meanwhile, Reason's writers continue their apparently quixotic quest to keep the U.S. from intervening in a civil war on the same side as Al Qaeda. For example, here are Peter Suderman's "8 Reasons Not to Go to War in Syria," and Jesse Walker's "The 'Experts' Who Want a War With Syria."

Over at Dangerous Minds, leftist Richard Metzger reacts to all this by complaining that Timothy Leary once supported Ron Paul. (Mysteriously, Leary lent his support to one of the few politicians who was then ready to call for an end to the war on drugs. Leary biographers are still puzzling over the strange episode.) Whatever you think of Ron Paul, his antiwar credentials are pretty solid. I think Dangerous Minds is a fine blog, but Metzger's timing seems a little off this time.

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