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Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Falcon puts 'Coincidance' on sale

I mentioned in a recent post that I'd like to host an online discussion of Robert Anton Wilson's Coincidance, probably in mid-September. (Sometime soon, we ought to have a discussion of what kind of reading schedule to follow, how to handle those little chapters, etc.)

Well, by coincidence, or "coincidance," New Falcon Press has announced a summer sale of Coincidance, cutting the price to $10.53. The list price is $22.95. The new $10.53 sale price is cheaper than the $15.62 price that's listen on Amazon.

A complete price comparison, however, has to include shipping and handling. Amazon's shipping price is $3.99, bringing to the total up to $19.61. New Falcon charges $8.50 for shipping one paperback book, bringing the total price to $18.83. Good, but not the biggest sale of the year.

Could this be the opening salvo in a vicious online price war over Robert Anton Wilson's books? We can only hope!

REMINDER: First Church on the Moon is free today as a Amazon Kindle. It may only be free for one week, so grab it now.


Manic The Doodler said...

As I commented before, I bought a used copy on Amazon for under $12 including shipping--in brand new condition... I'm sure there are others to be had for a similar price.

gacord said...

Yes, I recently got a copy in very god condition for under $10. This was after the e-book fiasco that I finally just got reimbursed for.

michael said...

I love Coincidance, and it's often considered his non-fiction book about Joyce, esp. FW, but as I re-read it, each time Wilhelm Reich and Ezra Pound show their influence almost as strong as the overt Joyce stuff. Only WR and EzP linger around in back, quietly.

fyreflye said...

I noticed that one of the customer reviews for Coincidance is by Eric Wagner, so I followed the link to his other reviews and recommendations out of curiosity as to what else would interest a leading RAW-head. Others here might find the trip interesting too.