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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trove of Kerry Thornley documents unearthed

The Great Speckled Bird, the publication not the song,  was an underground newspaper put out in Atlanta, 1968-1976, notable among Discordians and Robert Anton Wilson fans for the fact that it ran quite a few articles by Kerry Thornley.

Jesse Walker has just discovered that there is an online collection of Great Speckled Bird, accessible to all. 

Jesse writes, "Kerry Thornley wrote regularly for them, both under his own name and as "Ho Chi Zen." The search function seems to work pretty well."

Vice has just interviewed Jesse about his new book (out  August 20, preorders available at the usual places),The United States of Paranoia. (Jesse did considerable research on Discordianism and RAW for his book. A chapter of the book is entitled "Operation Mindfuck.")

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