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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NSA weirdness roundup

1.  The NSA versus Finnegans Wake. Channels Orwell, too. (Via John Merritt).

2. I like this Sen. Biden guy debating Obama over the NSA. He sounds like a libertarian.


3. At work today, I was working on a story about a libertarian advocacy group's efforts to slow down a bill here in Ohio that make it easier for police to obtain cell phone records. I read in this press release that the bill passed 32-1 in the Senate. Naturally, I wondered who the weirdo was, so I tracked down the vote. The lone "No" vote was Sen. Michael Skindell, a Democrat from the Cleveland area. Senate District 23.


michael said...

Oh, do have content today.

I read this blog/this URL as soon as it came up. Or I should way I clicked on your page. All I got was one of those boxes with "The Page You Were Looking For Does Not Exist," or whatever those things say.

I laffed and thought it was a great way to go "meta."

Now I'll go ahead and actually read today's RAWIllumination...

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

My fault....I accidentally posted it right away, then deleted it so I'd have something for Wednesday. Good thing, too, as I had no time all day to do my blog.