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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oz Fritz on the Rosy Cross and The Treasure House of Images

Oz Fritz has a recent blog post which supplements all of the wonderful comments he posted during the Masks of the Illuminati discussion: Relating The Treasure House of Images to the Rosy Cross Symbol. As Oz notes, J.F.C. Fuller wrote The Treasure House of Images, and the chapter Oz quotes from is quoted in Masks of the Illuminati. Fuller is a character in Masks of the Illuminati. (Fuller is a prominent military historian. I had no idea he also wrote on "the occult" until I ran across him in Masks and looked up his biography.)

Oz has been on a hot streak lately, with other interesting subsequent posts — a follow up post on the Rosy Cross and "The Fifth Element," on an African music album that he remixed, even on John Milton and William Wordsworth.


Oz Fritz said...

Thanks, Tom!

Steve Fly Agaric said...

I used to hold a certain significance to the fact the J.F.C Fuller, Aleister Crowley, J.J Angleton and Jeremy Paxman all attended Malvern College, England. I look forward to reading the Masks' notes, thanks for sharing your findings Fritz, and Tom.