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Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Falcon takes the Kindle plunge

New Falcon has begun offering its books on Kindle. This is big news because it has the effect of making many of Robert Anton Wilson's works more available, particularly as the digital editions are priced to sell.

While some of RAW's books have been available on Kindle for a long time, many titles have just been added as a result of New Falcon's move. A check in Amazon's Kindle store reveals these new titles: Email to the Universe ($4.99) (an excellent collection), Prometheus Rising ($7.99), Coincidance ($4.99), Neutopolitique (with Timothy Leary) $4.99, TSOG ($4.99) Let's hope other New Falcon titles will be added soon.

In addition, Eric Wagner's An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson, which costs $15.15 as a paperback (a price that doesn't include an additional charge for shipping) is just $3.99 on Kindle.

I did a quick check of Amazon UK, and it appears most if not all of these titles are available there, too.

There are various Kindle apps for various machines, so you don't have to actually have a Kindle to read any of these.

Hat tip, Eric Wagner.

UPDATE: Looks like there may be a few bugs in the system. I paid $4.99 to buy Wilhelm Reich in Hell and instead of a book got a one-page document that begins, "DO NOT PUBLISH THIS FILE." Anyone else bought anything yet?

UPDATE II: Amazon says it is sorry and will work to get the book fixed. I also have sent an email to the contact address for the New Falcon Web site, as follows: "I bought Robert Anton Wilson's "Wilhelm Reich in Hell" for $4.99 from Amazon as a Kindle book and all I got was a one page error message. (I'm the guy who does the blog). Can you please fix the problem ASAP? Amazon chat transcript follows."  This should be a good test of New Falcon's customer service skills.

UPDATE III: New Falcon replied right away, so they pass the test! They say they'll work with Amazon to fix it. This should still be really good news once the bugs are ironed out.  

UPDATE IV: Gary Acord bought Coincidance and An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson and they were messed up the same way as the book I bought. I'll do a follow up post when New Falcon/Amazon get things under control.


Ronald Pottol said...

I hope someone can put together a RAW omnibus, I'd like electronic copies, but not enough to pay all that much for the stuff I already own. Say $100 for everything. There are a few things I've never picked up, it would be nice to buy one thing and know I had it all.

fyreflye said...

An all of RAW in one volume is impossible since his work is scattered over a number of publishers. New Falcon and Original Falcon certainly aren't going to agree on any deal. Then there's Dell, Ronin, etc.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

All of it in one omnibus is not possible, but we can dream of a Library of America edition of important works, once the battle to put RAW in the canon is won, just as it was for Philip K. Dick.

gacord said...

I can second that New Falcon was very prompt to respond to my email. Amazon, however, has yet to respond to my emails (yes plural... two.) At least Bill at New Falcon informed me that Amazon is "very aware" of the problem and are working on it but they might be a bit slow about it.

I will post back here as soon as either of my copies update to the actual book.