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Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Falcon to reissue Shea's Shike

New Falcon Publications, the publisher that keeps the bulk of Robert Anton Wilson's books in print, has announced that it is re-releasing Robert Shea's two volume novel, Shike, apparently as a two volume set (if I'm reading the press release correctly.) New Falcon also is releasing new books by Ronald F. Murphy and Michael Peterson.

Shike was Shea's first novel after he lost his job as a Playboy magazine editor and began his new career as a writer of historical novels. The official Shea website, maintained his his son, Michael, is here. Shike also can be purchased as a Kindle edition.

In other New Falcon news, the hassle with its attempt to release several RAW titles as Kindle editions apparently continues; I still haven't obtained a readable edition of Wilhelm Reich in Hell. I will post an update when I have news.

Here's the text of the New Falcon announcement, issued June 21:

New Falcon is pleased to announce three new and exciting titles to our ever evolving library of cutting edge and controversial material.

“The Everyday Atheist”, by Ronald F. Murphy, is an honest look at a growing skepticism with a previously unquestioned religious upbringing.   This book represents Mr. Murphy’s first work in a series that will attempt to discuss the stark realities of taboo subjects from the unbiased perspective of the everyday reader.  In his initial book he provides a clear account of why he adopted, questioned, and ultimately rejected religious faith.  No matter what your faith, his plainly spoken and readable narrative addresses the unspoken thoughts that linger in us all, as we seek to answer the age old question – is there a God?

“Shike” is a two-volume novel written by Robert Shea, originally published in 1981.  New Falconis extremely pleased to be re-releasing each volume of this bestselling classic, by the co-author (with Robert Anton Wilson) of the legendary “Illuminatus!” trilogy.   This novel takes a sweeping view of Japanese history, encompassing many centuries within a fictionalized account of the lives of two contemporary characters.  This intriguing work by a very popular author is a testament to the true scope of the man’s talent.

“A Time Of War”, by prolific novelist and world-famous former Marine Michael Peterson, has both an authenticity and a flair for the dramatic which will thrill and engross readers of all kinds.  Set during the Vietnam war and including a wide ranging cast of characters, the story spans the war in the jungle itself to the planning of its execution in Washington.  Containing starkly written accounts of both combat, and sexuality, this novel deals with a difficult subject with a frankness that many will find refreshing.


dylan said...

Great news! Wonderful books, I found original copies a few years ago and was not disappointed.

fyreflye said...

As a fan of classical Japanese culture I'll surely buy Shike, but I have to wonder if New Falcon is getting desperate for business. An atheist screed would fit the philosophy of the publisher's founder, but a Vietnam war novel? Getting all of RAW's titles on Kindle is imperative if the publisher is about to fold. Wilson's daughter could perhaps find a way to do this herself if NF continues to drag its feet.

tony smyth said...

New Falcon is about to fold? where did you hear this?