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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Various links

1. Review of new Arnold Kling book on the various political "reality tunnels."

2. Bryan Caplan on how to make yourself happy by putting yourself in a bubble.  I can't follow all of his advice; I doubt I could do my job if I ignored all national and world news. On the other hand, this blog (and my Twitter account) have helped with suggestion number 7. If interested, see more recent posts on the topic at the same blog.

3. Three lessons from the Boston bombing coverage, by Jesse Walker. Somewhat related: Jeremy Weiland: "Thought experiment: imagine what explanation for the #bostonmarathon attack would be most disturbing to your personal political biases."

4.  What your taxes pay for (other than entitlements).

5. Rudy Rucker's Turing and Burroughs, available free.


gacord said...

Re: #2, Remember, RAW used to say he would test himself to see if he had reached true dettachment by listening to Rush Limbaugh and measuring how angry he got.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

That's a detachment test I would fail. Rush can be funny sometimes, but I can seldom stand more than 10 minutes of him.

fyreflye said...

Two excellent ways to keep yourself within a nurturing bubble:

1. Never, ever watch television, especially tv news. You can follow shows you just can't live without by downloading them from Pirate Bay and watching them on your computer.

2. Do not follow what's called "the news" through any medium or in any way.

A bonus thought: make the Daodejing of Laoze your favored reading matter - after, of course, the Collected Works of RAW; as long as you don't take anything RAW wrote too seriously.