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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unmasking 'Masks'

In one sense, the Masks of the Illuminati discussion is coming to a close, but it another sense, it's still there, and will continue to be there. If you have gotten behind, or if you never started, there's nothing to keep you from cracking the book open, reading the comments from everyone, and perhaps adding your own comment. I'll continue to keep the links up for the online discussion. And, if you like, you can read Quantum Psychology and still participate in that online discussion, too.

A couple of commenters have asked if there will be a discussion of another RAW book, perhaps this time an essay collection. Is anyone else interested? I'm certainly open to it, but not right now; I'm very busy trying to read through the Prometheus Award ballot.


Eric Wagner said...

Prometheus Rising continues to grow on me. I would enjoy working through it again. Of course, I have fallen far behind in Masks. I do look forward to finishing it.

gacord said...

I'd like to do Coincidance at some point, it's one I've never read. But, I'll go along with any.