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Saturday, April 20, 2013

News of the day

At the end of the day Friday, I was startled by the news that the FBI wasn't going to read the captured Boston bombing suspect his Miranda rights. Isn't the evidence of guilt kind of overwhelming? Are we so terrified of terror that we can't observe the legal niceties anymore?

I don't mean to sound like the cliche libertarian, but with (1) The "war on terror" (2) the "war on drugs" and (3) the war on "hackers" and "pirates," I really wonder sometimes where this country is going.


michael said...

I'm with you entirely here. And what about locking down a gigantic metropolitan area to look for one - admittedly dangerous - wounded 19 yr old wearing a hoodie?

Drew said...

"...where this country is going"

to war?

Lol, Sorry I could not help a smart-arse comment.

I agree though, and england is following suit pretty closely. I don't know about you but actually it seems as though nothing more or less scary is actually going, other than the scare that scary things are going on, you know, "somewhere"..., other than maybe increase in information...Hysteria is pretty good for cognitive dissonance... It is also pretty easy during these times of information increase (similar to what happend during kennedy's stint), to fall into the kind of paranoia Wilson warned about for so long. I am sure it will reach an equilibrium at some point and things will calm down, at least for a little while.