Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PQ on Dick and Joyce

PQ is a very good blogger who often writes about baseball (his contrarian prediction that the Cleveland Indians would not be all that great despite all of the team's off season acquisitions seems spot on -- the team's currently 8-10) and hip hop. For the purposes of my blog, however, PQ stands out as someone who is good at writing about fiction. In his post "Retracing Recent Ramifications of Thought, Part 1 (VALIS, Duality and Finnegans Wake)," PQ talks about duality, tying together thoughts about Finnegans Wake and Philip K. Dick's Valis to a passage in Masks of the Illuminati.

The post is from PQ's A Building Roam blog, although the content overlaps with his Finnegans, Wake! blog

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